Quality of Life

Englewood residents deserve excellent municipal services. Michael Wildes will hold city employees accountable to ensure that services are being delivered equally and effectively while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

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Englewood is facing a financial crisis due to mismanagement and political bickering. Michael Wildes will put an end to it, working to bring all stakeholders to the table and work to solve the city’s financial issues.

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Public Safety

All Englewood residents deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods. As a former law enforcement officer, Michael understands the need to bring the community and the police closer together to establish the trust and communication needed to properly investigate crime and keep residents safe.

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Englewood schools have underperformed for years despite the hard work of teachers and students. Michael will work to bring new resources to our schools from the private sector and establish partnerships with local businesses and institutions to provide educational enrichment to our students.

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Englewood lacks a true community center for kids, seniors and all residents, and Michael will work to right this wrong and finally bring a real Recreation Center to our city.

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Far too many Englewood neighborhoods are plagued with constant flooding. Michael Wildes will seek new solutions to flooding, from simple fixes like ensuring that catch basins are cleared and drains are open to a comprehensive review of city engineering plans.

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Central Business District

Michael Wildes will work to make our downtown a true Destination. He will work to bring new high-profile restaurants and stories to our central business district, creating new tax revenue, opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobs for local residents.

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